Our innovations are backed by decades of experience and extensive knowledge of innovation by listening to and collaborating with our customers.

Aalst Chocolate is the first Singaporean brand that can produce both chocolate covertures and compounds. With 6 brands under its wing, Aalst Chocolate exports 98% of its products to over 55 countries all over the world.

We have one of the broadest ranges in the dairy industry; our ingredients are sold in over 130 countries and are used by some of the world’s most famous food and nutrition brands.

Yasho Industries Limited manufactures performance chemicals for industries as diverse as Rubber & Latex, Food & Flavors, Perfumery, Lubricants and other Specialty applications since 1993.

PT. Mitra Tiga Sepakat, located in Jakarta – Indonesia, was founded in 2008 as a specialty food ingredient supplier to the Indonesia food manufacturing industry.

Our patented process enables the extraction of palm phytonutrients such as vitamin E tocotrienol (EVNol™) and mixed-carotene (EVTene™) from red palm oil (Elaeis guineensis); as well as methyl ester and glycerine as co-products

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