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Through our products we have enabled many food manufacturers in reaching new levels of excellence in the food industry.

Through your innovation, GSI provides solution in:

Improving confectionary product quality through our in-house experts’ insight of mass production.

Increasing shelf life and texture of your baked goods by binding emulsifiers with short intervals which in turn keeps it softer and fresher for a longer period of time.

Developing dairy-based beverages by effectively stabilizing protein.

Building better beverages through efficient thickening as dry mixes are added to water.

Creating reduced fat in fried food through film formation.

Producing vegetarian patties for burgers with a look alike “meat” texture.

Formulating pie filling that also leaves the crust irresistible and flaky.

Improving the flavour through flavour matching and longer heat resistance.

Enhancing nutritional value to the finished product through the combination of vitamins​.

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Corporate Technical Training

Global Specialty Ingredient (GSI) possess vast knowledge, experience and information of the food ingredients industry. Hence GSI is capable to provide highly sought after skilled training programs incorporated with practical experiences on the field for oils & fats, frying trade, margarine, chocolate, baking industry and oleo chemical industries. GSI shares specialty ingredients application know how through technical training programs for various industry.

GSI Technical Group Team

Able to customize program according to employees’ immediate need of training and operating requirements for various industry.

Committed in delivering current trainings, and understanding market trends and generating returns.

Aim to give ample space for discussions, trouble shooting and build solid platform for networking.

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Product Development and Process Improvement Consultancy

GSI’s consultation services often involve both GSI employees and customer’s technical staff to come together. This is so that we are able to equip the product user with necessary insight and skills with available resources without contributing to detrimental environmental effects.

GSI’s office completed with its own laboratory facility is user-friendly to support client’s new product development and process improvement.

Some of GSI’s product developments. This list is not exhaustive:

Cooking oil


Butter Oil Substitute (BOS)

Milk fat replacer

Zero trans coating, filling fat

Bake stable filling oil/ fats


Fluidised shortening

Margarine shortening

GSI’s process improvement abilities. This list is not exhaustive:

Cooling cycle time and yield improvement at fractionation process

High performance frying oil

Low colour in CPO refining

Product stabilities

The laboratory is also opened to projects involving refining, food manufacturers and oleo-chemical industries on a pilot plant basis. It further features with fractionation pilot plant.

Expertise Gsi

Turnkey Projects

GSI is competent to provide, undertake, project or system program pertaining to oil and fats, frying industry, oleo-chemical, baking, chocolate making and confectionaries.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive selection of services from the know-hows to plant process upgrading.

Our technical team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals who have undertaken many projects successfully, both in the local market and international, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand, thus allowing us to offer turnkey project services.

GSI is dedicated to excellence in every apect of our business, these includes:

A full process development of refining, hydrogenation, esterification, shortening, margarine, fractionation plant and oil and fat related plants.

Frying oil industry and oleo-chemical industry related purification project and filtration service.

Project engineering services carrying all phases of project management.

At GSI you can be assured you’re getting world class service, if you’re GSI’s client.

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